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We’re Generation Living Trusts

… protecting you from generation to generation.

About us

For almost 30 years, Generation Living Trusts has been providing personalized estate planning services to clients young and old – all in the privacy of their own homes. Additionally, we’ve built a vast referral network of skilled brokers, financial planners, CPAs, bankers and insurance professionals who rely on our hands-on experience to assist their clients as they seek to protect themselves and their families from the perils associated with probate.

All of our legal work is completed by a network of skilled estate planning attorneys whose combined 100+ years of legal experience has generated over 28,000 Trusts. This partnership has resulted in our personal delivery of over 6,000 Trusts. So, whether you’re a young family seeking to select a legal ‘guardian’ to protect your children, a middle-aged single or married client uncertain of how best to keep outsiders from controlling your affairs, or an active retired single or couple who wants to ensure your wishes are honored and your hard work enriches your posterity (and not the government!) – well, we’re here to help.


Are you and your family protected from the perils of probate?

Take our ‘QUIZ’ and test your knowledge of Probate, Wills, and Trust - then call me today and let’s talk about the best answer for you and your family.

We’ll Bring It All Home To You.

Generation Living Trust provides everything you’ll need to protect your assets while you’re alive, and your family after you die. Plus, our experienced representatives, with guidance and legal support from our attorneys, will review your estate planning portfolio in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

We Provide a Comprehensive Estate Planning Portfolio.

A traditional Will is not capable of positively addressing all of your estate planning needs. In fact, we believe that a Will is nothing more than a down payment on probate! You need an experienced trust provider that will work with you to solve these problems.

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Our all-in-one Estate Planning Portfolio is simple to use, easy to understand and can save your family thousands of dollars in probate costs, taxes and legal fees. Why risk your assets, your family’s security and future? Call us today.

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