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What our clients have to say

Dear Matt,

It was a pleasure speaking with you on Monday. I am happy to get my trust caught up to date. Thank you again for your help and assistance.


Dear Matthew,

We sincerely thank you for the extra time and energy you put in on a holiday weekend to get our family trust updated and changed.

You did an amazing job explaining everything and making us feel comfortable through the process.

Please also thank CJ. All of our very best wishes go your way!


Joan and Terri

For the following reasons I highly recommend John, Matthew and Generation Living Trusts.

  • They set up an appointment at my convenience and came directly to my home exactly when they said they would.
  • They explained what a living trust was and made me feel comfortable when I asked questions. They explained it in a way that made sense to me.
  • They had very fair pricing and didn’t ask me how much money I had in my accounts. Therefore the pricing was not based on the amount I had in my portfolio.
  • They allowed me to give a deposit until the papers were drawn up and then make the final payment.
  • They came back to my home again at my convenience promptly to deliver my notebook with my living trust portfolio in it. They thoroughly explained what I needed to do and outlined notes detailing what to do next. They also made sure I understood, and assured me they would answer anything if I forgot moving forward.

Generation Living Trusts is a very streamlined, honest, easy to understand and affordable organization. Having the peace of mind that my affairs are according to my wishes with everything in one place is a huge weight off my shoulders, and I would not hesitate to refer Generation Living Trusts to any of my friends, associates or family.

Thank you again. Job well done.



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